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An iPad and Android app, OvidToday™, is now available to download and access the latest issues of journals such as Anesthesia & Analgesia, Anesthesiology, PAIN, and Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine.

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On this page

  • Overview of the app
  • What can I access
  • Downloading the app
  • Generating an access token
  • Token Access overview
  • Creating a personal account

Token access overview

As most ANZCA Fellows and trainees cannot use IP authentication to login to OvidToday from their mobile devices, they now have the option to authenticate access using an access token generated from within the Ovid website (see instructions in adjacent column); this token is valid for 90 days. After the token expires, users can generate a new token to allow for a further 90 days access.

Please Note: This is different to the password details you may have previously received from the Library to login to the OvidToday app.

Contact the Library if you have any queries:

Discontinuation of OvidToday

From 1 August 2018, Ovid will be discontinuing support for the OvidToday app.

Whilst current users will be able to continue to use the app until their tokens expire, the ANZCA Library will not be able to troubleshoot any issues that users encounter.

>> For users interested in keeping up to date with their reading, we recommend the Read by QxMD app

>> For users who would like to access the entire journals A-Z list (full text access), we recommend the BrowZine app


The app allows you to:

  • Browse ALL the ANZCA Library's Ovid Journal Holdings - search by A-Z journal name or by category to find journals that best fit any specialty area, such as anaesthesiology
  • Intuitive Interface and Navigation - made with the busy user in mind to make reading journal articles a simple experience
  • Personal Reading List - you can create a list of journals to follow that is the most relevant to your research, practice and education
  • Stay Up-To-Date - the latest content from ANZCA Library's subscribed journals is instantly on the app once on Ovid
  • Read PDF articles - you can access articles while on-the-go even when you are offline
  • Access Wherever You are - at home or at work

How to download & access

Sign up for the app with these 2 stages:

Stage one - Create a personal account in Ovid Medline ​

Personal accounts can be used to save searches, create alerts and generate access tokens for the OvidToday app.

!! Note: if you are already a MEDLINE user you will have this account in place. Skip ahead to stage two.

  1. Log into Ovid Medline using the proxied ANZCA link : (users will be required to authenticate using their ANZCA ID and password)
  2. Select the My Account link from the top-right of  screen
  3. On the Personal Account Login screen , click the Create Account link on the right of screen
  4. Complete the registration form:
    • Institution Name = ANZCA
    • Institution Type = Educational
    • Email Address = ensure the email address entered is for an account that you can access via your mobile device
  5. Click the Create >> button when complete
Stage two - Download the app and generate a unique token to access OvidToday anywhere, anytime

Download the OvidToday app:

How to get your token:

  1. Download the app using one of the links above
  2. Log into Ovid using the proxied ANZCA link (users will be required to authenticate using their ANZCA ID and password)
  3. Click on the Mobile tab - the OvidToday page will display
  4. Click the Generate Access Token link
  5. Create or login to a personal account to generate the access token [see sidebar for instructions on how to create a personal account]
  6. A link will be emailed to the email address nominated in your personal account

On your mobile device:

WARNING: You must click the Token access link from your mobile device that you will access the app from (the link will expire after first use or after 24 hours, whichever comes first).

  1. Ensure the app is installed
  2. Open the OvidToday Access Token email
  3. Click on the "tap this link on your first visit to the app" link
  4. Complete Token Access button
  5. You will be prompted to Open in "OvidToday"? - click Open
  6. The app will open and the token will be authenticated (Note: the token can only be used once)
  7. Once authenticated, a pop-up message will display: Alert: Your token was accepted. You now have access for 90 days.
    Please Note: Access will actually be enabled for 12 months.

  8. Click the OK button on the pop-up
  9. Click the blue Go to your OvidToday button at the bottom of the screen
  10. Select the Ovid journals you will to access

*Note that the app does not currently allow access to Ovid e-books and databases.

For more information, contact the ANZCA Library:


What can I access?

  • OvidToday shows the most recent issues of your subscribed journals. To view older issues, please access the journal on your iPad/iPhone/Android device via the ANZCA Library online Journals list.
  • The app does not allow access to Ovid online books and databases.

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