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This guide provides updates about Library services and resources, and promotes selected resources.

New book

A newly published book may be of interest for medical educators: The Intentional Mentor in Medicine: A Toolkit for Mentoring Doctors (TIMM)

TIMM is about mentoring doctors – what mentoring means and how to perform the role of mentor – and it teaches doctors how to assist junior medical colleagues with their ambitions, issues and concerns related to being a doctor in practice.

TIMM is:

  • an easily accessible mentor training package that equips doctors with knowledge and tools for performing the role of mentor to junior medical colleagues, in a constructive and productive way
  • a toolkit of ten tools that enables all doctors to assist their junior medical colleagues individually with their ambitions, issues and concerns related to being a doctor in practice
  • a mentor training package for communities of doctors who wish to train mentors and use mentoring as a strategy for improving trainees’ access to individually-relevant assistance during clinical training years, for encouraging collegiality among doctors, and for building a resilient and adaptable medical workforce.

A flyer about the book is available here:

The Library has kindly been donated a copy by one of the authors, which is now available for loan.


Click here to log into Trip

Trip is a clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care.

As well as research evidence (trials, systematic reviews, clinical guidelines including ANZCA Professional Documents, etc), Trip also allows clinicians to search across other content types including images, videos, patient information leaflets, educational courses and news.

See our dedicated Trip Database Pro guide for further information on Trip Database Pro including full access details.

See our dedicated BrowZine guide for further information on the BrowZine app including full access details.

New guides

​[July 2017] Using MEDLINE for the first time or want to take advantage of some of MEDLINE's special features?

See our dedicated Ovid MEDLINE guide for further information including full access details.

​[August 2017] Looking for an overview of the Library's "core" anaesthesia and pain-medicine-related resources?

See the Anaesthesia Essentials guide for further information.

New and updated app access

[Jul 2017] The new Pain Medicine Journals app from Oxford University Press is now here. The app enables you to read Pain Medicine, both online and offline on your iOS device.

See our dedicated Pain Medicine app guide for further information including full access details.

​[May 2017] The latest version of the ClinicalKey app is here and now provides access to the Australian version of ClinicalKey, allowing ANZCA Fellows and trainees to access full-text content for the very first time.

See our dedicated ClinicalKey app guide for further information including full access details.

[Apr 2017] This latest update now allows users to enable access to the OvidToday app from the Ovid website used in their institutions.

Users can log into the proxied version of Ovid Medline (via the ANZCA website as they typically do), and generate an access token to authenticate within the app.

See our dedicated OvidToday guide for further information including full access details.

[Apr 2017] The new BJA (British Journal of AnaesthesiaJournals app from Oxford University Press is now here. The app enables you to read your favourite anaesthesia journals, BJA and BJA Education, both online and offline on your iOS device.

See our dedicated BJA app guide for further information including full access details.

Improved library and study space (UPD)

Building works in the Library have now been completed and the main library space has now reopened.

Library users will also be able to more easily locate and browse materials with a realignment of the library collection into a more linear configuration with improved signage. Library catalogue holdings for all print journal materials held have also been updated.

Need a quiet study space? Fellows and trainees are encouraged to use the Library (which has a study/discussion space for up to 5 people) and the Fellows Room (which has a discussion space for up to 7 people) whenever visiting the College in Melbourne.

Access to the College Wi-Fi service is also available.

Australasian Anaesthesia (Blue Book) now searchable

Australasian Anaesthesia (Blue Book) now searchable

Ever tried looking for that key article from a copy of the ‘Blue Book’?  You can now search each edition of Australasian Anaesthesia from 2003 through the Informit Health Collection, which can be accessed through the Library Databases page.

Each article has been indexed to include author details, abstracts, and even subject/keywords.  PDF and flip-book versions of the ‘Blue Book’ can be viewed from the College Publications webpage.

Spotlight on: podcasts

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