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Primary exams: READING LIST

InformationThis page includes all books which are part of the recommended reading list for the ANZCA Primary exam. 

e_booksTitles hyperlinked in red, can be accessed by clicking the heading.

BooksTitles without a hyperlink are hardcopy resources only and can be requested via the discovery service. Access and request items from the complete hardcopy list here.

Borrowing books

BooksANZCA Library provides access to a large range of books and e-books, specialising in anaesthesia and pain medicine-related titles.

  • Items available for loan include textbooks, CD-ROMs and DVDs
  • Items can be requested by searching the ANZCA Library, clicking the item title and selecting the [ Request Item ] button
  • Requested items are delivered/returned via courier FREE-OF-CHARGE
  • When placing a request, first-time users will be required to create a password for their Library Account

InformationFor further information about requesting books, see the Borrowing books page

How to access e-books

InformationYour college ID and (ANZCA/Networks) password is required to access Library e-resources

InformationANZCA staff should use their staff username and (Networks) password to access Library e-resources

Safety & QualityHaving trouble logging into e-resources? Try emptying your browser cache, closing and reopening your browser, and then trying again.

Safety & QualityForgotten your (ANZCA/Networks) password? Try resetting your password and/or filling in a Login Help request

BooksCan't find your book online? Request a print copy via our courier delivery service or request a book chapter via our article request service

FeedbackExperiencing difficulties, or would like some help accessing e-books? Contact the Library

InformationFor further information about searching for and accessing e-books, see the E-books guide

How to access journals

ANZCA members can access these articles through the ANZCA Library, either online (if available) via the ANZCA Journal list or by contacting the Library and completing the Request an article form.

Please note: Your college ID and password is required to access Library e-resources. Trouble logging in to the College website? Fill in a Login Help request.

If you experience difficulties, or would like some help accessing articles or Journals contact the Library.


No specific textbook is recommended for the anatomy section of the syllabus, as any general text would be considered suitable. The following text could be consulted for more detailed information in specific areas.

Clinical measurement, equipment & safety

Clinical measurement, equipment & safety

General physiology & pharmacology


General physiology & pharmacology

General Physiology



Renal Physiology