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Multimedia resources: LECTURES

This guide highlights videos, lectures and images related to anaesthesia and pain medicine.

WFSA anaesthesia tutorial of the week (ATOTW)

ATOTW decorative image

WFSA produces text-based weekly tutorials with optional quizzes on specialties such as:

  • Intensive care medicine
  • Obstetric, paediatric, cardiothoracic and regional anaesthesia
  • Pain
  • Cerebral challenge
  • Professional wellbeing
  • Patient safety

Pharmacology lectures

Pharmacology lectures decorative image

AccessMedicine gives you instant access to lectures on pharmacology topics - for example:

  • Introduction to pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
  • Routes of drug administration, absorbtion rate and first pass effect
  • Concentration vs. time graphs
  • Apparent volume of distribution
  • First order vs. zero order elimination
  • Dosage regimens

Anesthesia foundations

Decorative image Anesthesia foundations lecture

AccessAnesthesiology Anesthesia Foundations covers important topics for the anaesthesia trainee.

The nine modules contain:

  • simulation videos
  • lectures on difficult topics for further learning
  • multiple-choice questions

Patient safety modules


Explore patient safety modules on:

  • communication in teams
  • system complexity
  • human factors
  • voice and power
  • effective communication strategies
  • epidemiology of error
  • handoffs
  • handwashing