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Podcasts: OVERVIEW

This guide displays podcasts related to anaesthesia, pain medicine and other areas that might be useful to medical professionals.

Rescuing the boys from the cave — Richard Harris


Pomegranate Health - Ep51: Getting off the Opioids- Part 1

"Pomegranate Health is an award-winning podcast about the culture of medicine. How do doctors make difficult clinical and ethical decisions? How can one communicate better with patients? How can health delivery be made more equitable and efficient? You’ll hear from clinicians, researchers and advocates. Every episode is developed with the guidance of RACP members, to inspire excellence in practice."

Past FPM Dean, Dr Chris Hayes recently contributed to the development of an opioid podcast. 

In Episode 51: Getting off the opioids – Part 1, Dr Hayes describes an alternative approach to therapy that involves breaking maladaptive pain associations in the nervous system. This online learning podcast may be claimed under the ANZCA and FPM CPD program with Knowledge and Skills “Learning Sessions” at one credit per hour.

The Complexities of Emergency Laparotomy

Podcast: Benefit versus severe side effects of opioid analgesia

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