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This guide displays podcasts related to anaesthesia, pain medicine and other areas that might be useful to medical professionals.

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Spotlight: "Caudal Epidural Block"

Episode: "Caudal Epidural Block" (Pediatric anesthesia podcast of the month)

Released: March 2017


Spotlight: "The legacy of anaesthesia at Pearl Harbor" on Sunday Extra: Ockham's Razor

Episode: The legacy of anaesthesia events at Pearl Harbor

Aired: 27 November 2016

Dr John Crowhurst (B.Pharm., MB BS, Dip.(Obst.)RCOG, FANZCA, FRCA) spoke to ABC Radio National’s show Ockham’s Razor, reaching an audience of 90,000 people.

Since May 2014, Dr Crowhurst’s full lecture, with many graphics including President Roosevelt’s “infamous” speech, and a video clip of a dramatised ether explosion, has been presented to 20 medical and non-medical groups in six countries. The final presentation will be made at the International Symposium on the History of Anaesthesia in Boston in October 2017.

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