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Podcasts: OVERVIEW

This guide displays podcasts related to anaesthesia, pain medicine and other areas that might be useful to medical professionals.

Spotlight: RACS Post Op podcasts

RACS logoThe RACS Post Op Podcasts features extended interviews on articles in the current issue of Surgical News, plus practical advice that surgeons can implement in their practices, including:

  • insights on financial management and wealth creation
  • legal and tax advice
  • economic forecasts

You can subscribe to the bi-monthly RACS Post Op Podcasts audio supplement as a podcast on iTunes, or browse the archives of earlier podcasts.

Podcast: Caudal Epidural Block

Episode: "Caudal Epidural Block" (Pediatric anesthesia podcast of the month)

Released: March 2007


ANZCA networks podcasts

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Searching a Network

Each network also has a search tool, which is found in the Resources section in the top left corner. This indexes titles and descriptions only. To search within a network:

  1. Open a network from ‘My networks’
  2. Access the Resources area of the network
  3. Use the search bar in the type left corner