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Read by QxMD: Resource information

Read by QxMD provides a single place to discover new research, read outstanding topic reviews and search PubMed.

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On this page

  • Overview
  • Downloading the app
  • Creating a user account
  • Setting up full-text access
  • Setting up notifications and email alerts
  • Creating, sharing and following collections
  • Requesting articles
  • Promotingyour research
  • Support - how to videos

Read by QxMD aims to provide a single place to keep up with newly published medical & scientific research articles.

It is easy to set-up, employs an alerts-based approach to notifications, and displays content in the style of a personalised digital journal.


  • Uses an alerts-based approach to notify users of newly published content based on your profile settings
  • Track newly published content based on journal, topic or even keyword!
  • Get full-text PDFs with one tap
  • NEW: 2 minute summaries of key anaesthesia and pain medicine articles
  • Browse through 1000s of outstanding topic reviews
  • Search millions of articles from PubMed and our database of outstanding topic reviews
  • Read your favourite journals or browse article collections.
  • Access full-text through ANZCA Library's institutional subscription or via open access publishers
  • Share articles with colleagues over email, Twitter and Facebook
  • Organize and review your personal collection of articles

Download the Read by QxMD app:

You can download the app through the QxMD website:

Or via one of these links:

iOS (iTunes App Store) - Access: Free

Android (Google Play) - Access: Free

Web app - Access: Free

Signing in:

Once you have downloaded the app, ANZCA users are required to create a personal user account (see next section), which will allow you to keep up-to-date on your specialist topics, favourite journals and so on.

  1. Open the app
  2. New users will need to set up a new account (see next section)
  3. If you already have an account:
    • Enter your Medscape Network Account credentials:
      • Select the Set Startedbutton
      • Enter Email and Password
      • Click the Log Inbutton
    • Alternatively, you may sign in using your Apple or Facebook account credentials

Setting up institutional/full-text access:

  1. Once signed in, select the menu icon in the top left corner:

  1. Select Institutional Access:

  1. Select the plus icon to add the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
  2. Select your login preference = Automatic Login Using Library Login
  3. Enter your Account Details:
    • College ID
    • Password
  4. Click Done (or tick) when complete

Reading articles:

  1. Once signed in, select an article from the Featured (or one of the other tabs/icons):

  1. The article details will display, and the associated full-text article will be fetched (where available):

  1. Select View as PDF or View on Web at the bottom of the screen to view the full-text.

User accounts can be used to personalise access, set up notifications and download PDF content for the Read by QxMD app.

  1. After installing, open the app
  2. Click on theGet Started (or New Account) button

  1. Click on the Create Account link (Note: Users may also Sign In using their Apple or Facebook Credentials)
  2. Complete the Free Medscape Network Account form:
    • Email
    • Password
    • Country of Practice = Australia OR New Zealand
    • Profession = Physician
    • Primary Area of Practice / Primary Specialty = Anesthesiology OR Pain Management
    • Only tick the "personalised email" tick box if you wish to receive promotional emails (alerts emails for new articles are separately configured)
    • Tick the "I declare that I am a health care professional..." tick box
  3. Click the Create Medscape Network Account button
  4. You will then be prompted for more information about you:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Year of Birth
    • Year of Graduation
    • Medical License / Registration ID / College Medical ID
    • Work Postal Code
  5. Click Complete Registration when complete

Setting up institutional/full-text access:

  1. Once signed in, select the Settings cog (top corner)
  2. Under Account Settings, select Institutional Access

  1. Select Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
  2. Select your login preference = Automatic Login Using Library Login
  3. Enter your Account Details:
    • College ID
    • Password
  4. Click Done (or tick) when complete

It is possible to set up the Read by QxMD app to send SMS-style alerts/email notifications based on a whole range of settings, including publication of articles related to chosen specialties, journals, collections and keywords.


  1. Sign into the Read by QxMD app
  2. From the default Featured feed, select the Followed tab at the bottom of the screen. 

  1. To follow journals, select the Journals tab. Select the journals you would like to follow. 

  1. To follow articles by keyword, select the Keywords tab. Use the + icon to add keywords. 

  1. To follow collections, select the Collections tab. This will allow you to search through collections and follow the ones that you are interested in. 

  1. To set-up or adjust email notifications, other notifications, and settings, go to App Settings. 
  2. The following settings can be adjusted:
    • Automatic PDF Download
    • Download Finished Notification
    • Attach PDF when Emailing Papers
    • Notification Settings:
      • Under Email Notifications: [*recommended]
        • Read by QxMD | Collections*
        • Read by QxMD | Updates*
        • Read by QxMD | Journals TOCs*
        • Read by QxMD | Keywords*
        • Read by QxMD | Weekly Update*
        • Read by QxMD | Most Read*
        • Read by QxMD | Marketing
        • Note: Ensure email settings for Calculate by QxMD, QxMD, Learn by QxMD are disabled.
      • Under Push Notifications [*recommended]
        • New articles from journals you've subscribed to*
        • New articles from collections you've subscribed to*
        • New articles from keywords you've subscribed to*
        • Landmark new research
        • General notifications
        • New comment on paper's I'm interested in
        • New follower for my shared collection
        • New comment on papers in my collection
        • Trending papers*
    • Click Done (or tick) when complete

Add articles to a Collection

  1. Sign into the Read by QxMD app
  2. Tap the search icon (bottom-right of the app screen)
  3. Enter your search term and select the Search button
  4. Select (tap) the article you would like to add to a collection
  5. Click on the symbol (top of article)
  6. Select an existing collection or click the New button to create a new collection
  7. Either select the New button and enter a collection Name and Description (for a new collection) or select an existing collection (from the list)
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 to add additional articles

Share a Collection

  1. Tap on the symbol at the bottom of the app screen
  2. The Saved Papers view will display with a list of My Private Collections
  3. Select the collection in the list
  4. Toggle the Make Public button to share

The collection can now be selected by other users (see Notifications/Alerts box).

To Follow a Collection

Note: This assumes the user has downloaded the app and created a profile.

  1. Sign into the Read by QxMD app and select the My Collections icon (bottom of screen)
  2. Select the Edit link/cog (top-right corner)
  3. You can either select collections from the Recommended tab, or
  4. Select the search icon (top right of screen) and enter a search term in the search box (for example: ANZCA Clinical Trials Network) and click the Search button
  5. Select the Collection you would like to follow
  6. Click Back (or tick) when complete

It is possible to request articles via the Read by QxMD app.

Note: Please ensure you have set up institutional access/full-text access (see Download & access instructions) before attempting to request articles.

  1. Open the Read by QxMD app
  2. Select an article - the app will check for full-text access
  3. If the article is not available full-text, the Unavailable through you institution message will display at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the More info section:

  1. Select Request Copy.

  1. This will open a pre-populated email request
  2. Enter your College ID and Email address
  3. Click the Send button to submit.

ANZCA's Institutional Edition of Read by QxMD allows the ANZCA Library to create "campaigns" to promote significant published research papers to its over 2100 ANZCA & FPM users.

The papers contained in the campaign display as Promoted Research and is highly visible when the user logs into the Read by QxMD app or receives an alert email.

Users are then able to link through to the full-text (where available) or request an article via document delivery if there is no full-text available via the ANZCA library.

To date Read by QxMD campaigns for promoted papers has resulted in 42,732 impressions and 1800 direct views.

Previous campaigns have included:

  • RELIEF study
  • BALANCED study
  • PADDI study

If you are interested in setting up a Read by QxMD campaign for your paper/s or research project, then contact the ANZCA library via the library feedback form.


Staying current with Read by QxMD

A quick look at all the features included on 'Read by QxMD' including one-tap to access, customized collections and a powerful search engine (includes new article alerts).

Duration: 1:22 mins.

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