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Neuromodulation: Other resources

This page contains links to educational and self-paced learning materials, and other resources related to the topic of neuromodulation.

Fundamentals of Neuroscience - Free online course

InformationPlease see below for the description from the course provider, and a sneak-peak video of the first course in the series. The links to the other two courses, and the edX platform are found at the bottom of this text-box.

Fundamentals of Neuroscience is a three-course series that explores the structure and function of the nervous system—from the inner workings of a single nerve cell to the staggering complexity of the brain and the social interactions they enable.

In this first course, you'll learn how individual neurons use electricity to transmit information. You'll build a neuron, piece by piece, using interactive simulations, then travel around Harvard's campus, where you'll see the inner workings of a lab and learn how to conduct DIY neuroscience experiments on your own.


Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 1: The Electrical Properties of the Neuron - Learn how electricity makes the neurons in your brain tick.

WebsiteFundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 2: Neurons and Networks - Discover how neurons work together to create complex networks inside the brain. Lesson 4 in Part 2 covers the topic of neuromodulation; for example, how many components are there in a synapse? You may think that the answer is simple: two, the presynaptic and the postsynaptic terminals. In lesson 4 “Neuromodulation,” we’ll see that this is not entirely true: the strength of many synapses is directly influenced by a third neuron, in a process called neuromodulation.

WebsiteFundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 3: The Brain - Discover what makes your brain tick in this third course in our introductory series in neuroscience.

WebsiteEdX is a non-profit, massive open online course (MOOC) provider. They partner with the world’s leading universities and organizations to offer high-quality online courses to learners worldwide.

AccessMedicine Infographics: Neurology


WIKISTIM is a free-to-use collaborative, searchable wiki of published primary neuromodulation therapy research was created in 2013 as a resource for the global neuromodulation community to extend the utility of published clinical research. The goals of WIKISTIM are to improve patient care and the quality of research reports, foster education and communication, reveal research needs, and support the practice of evidence–based medicine.

International Neuromodulation Society YouTube channel

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