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AusDI is an Australian drug information database. It has been optimised for iPhone, iPad and Android devices via a web browser. Access all the comprehensive medicines information and features including the Interactions and Safety and Product Identifier modules anywhere, anytime, using your personal account username and password. Read the instructions on this guide for more information about how to register for your AusDI account. 

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  • Overview of the resource
  • Access AusDI
  • Creating a personal account
  • AusDI Demo video





  • AusDI (Australian Drug Information) contains over 80,000 pages of Australian medicines information, a product identifier tool, and interactions and safety modules. 
  • Being web-based, AusDI is always kept current and requires no software installation.


  • Find products easily via browse or advanced search technologies using brand name, ingredient, indication or therapeutic class.
  • Search the Product Identifier module to identify an unknown product by its physical characteristics such as shape, scoring, colour or markings. Link back to more clinical information from search results.
  • Use the Interactions and Safety Module to Identify clinically significant warnings between multiple pairs of drugs (e.g. Drug-drug, Drug-food, etc.)


Access AusDI:

Please Note: Users must first set up a personal account in AusDI in order to access AusDI on their mobile device or from outside the ANZCA website/network or (see right sidebar for details on how to create a personal account).

For more information, contact the ANZCA Library:

AusDI Demo video

Create a personal account in AusDI

A personal account lets you access AusDI remotely, outside the ANZCA network. 

  1. Access AusDI using the steps in the Access box to the left
  2. Click the "Login to personalise" link in the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Click “Register” under “Institutional User”
  4. Fill in the required fields to create your free personal account
  5. Click “Validate” on the email you receive to your nominated email account
  6. Use the personal account credentials you created to login to AusDI whenever you want to access AusDI from outside the ANZCA Library website by bookmarking:

Please note: AusDI will require you to reactivate your account every six months to ensure that you are still an ANZCA library user.

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