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Referencing: MENDELEY

This guide contains information about various reference/citation manager tools.

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‚ÄčMendeley is a desktop and web program produced by Elsevier for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online.

Mendeley is available either as a premium payable version or a basic version that is free but requires registration.


  • Mendeley Desktop, based on Qt, runs on Windows, Mac (macOS Sierra and High Sierra not officially supported[2]) and Linux.
  • Automatic extraction of metadata from PDF papers.
  • Back-up and synchronization across multiple computers and with a private online account.
  • PDF viewer with sticky notes, text highlighting and full-screen reading.
  • Full-text search across papers.
  • Citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word and
  • Import of documents and research papers from external websites (for example: PubMed, Google Scholar) via browser bookmarklet.
  • Private groups to collaboratively tag and annotate research papers.
  • Public groups to share reading lists.
  • Social networking features (newsfeeds, comments, profile pages, etc.).
  • Usage-based readership statistics about papers, authors and publications.

InformationAccess Mendeley here [FREE]

Using Mendeley

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