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Borrowing books: PICKUP & COURIER

ANZCA Library is home to nearly 2,500 books - specialising in anaesthesia and pain medicine-related titles - many of which are available for loan. Requested items are delivered/returned via courier free-of-chargeYou can access the ANZCA book collection in the following ways:

SEARCH / REQUEST books using theWebsiteDiscovery service :   
BROWSE the latest books on theBooksLatest Titles List
BROWSE theBooksPrimary Exam andBooksFinal Exam print collections

A new way to request, borrow and renew

BooksThe vast majority of ANZCA Library print books (including our primary exam and exam preparation print collections) are available to request via the library discovery service.

  • When placing a request via the discovery service, first-time users will be required to create a password for their personalised Library Account
  • As many of our notifications are system-generated, please ensure that your contact details are up-to-date (including your preferred email address) - contact the library if you would like a library staff member to update your contact details
  • It is now possible to self-renew your items on loan (see details below)

​Please Note: 

  • Access/authentication for e-resources remains your College ID and ANZCA Website/Networks password
  • Access/authentication for ANZCA staff for e-resources remains your staff username and ANZCA Website/Networks password

On this page:

  • Reserving books
  • Courier delivery
  • View/renew items on loan
  • Setting/resetting your personalised library account password
  • Print books by location
  • Conditions of borrowing
  • When will the print migration be complete?

Reserving books

  1. Search the ANZCA Library discovery service for a particular title or enter keywords related to your area of interest (for example: Stoelting)

  1. After your result set displays, navigate to the sidebar and refine your search results using the Print book option on the Format filter - Note: If Print book is not displaying as an option, first select Book, and then Print book

  1. Click the title link of your preferred book:

  1. The item detail pane will display, scroll down to view the ANZCA Library holdings details
  2. Items can be requested by selecting the [ Request Item ] button:

  1. The login screen for your personalised library account will display:

  1. Enter your College ID (or staff username) and Library Password
    Note: First time users will need to set up a password for their personalised library account by selecting the FORGOT PASSWORD link (see right sidebar for more details)
  2. Once logged in, the Submit a Place Hold Request screen will display:

  1. Enter the following details:
    • I need: Select Any Copy* OR Specific Copies or Volumes
    • I want it from: Select a specific Location (if required) - for example: New Zealand-based users should select copies available from the New Zealand Office (when available)
    • I want to pick it up at: You have 3 delivery/collection options to choose from:
      • Courier Delivery (default)
      • Main Library (Melbourne)
      • New Zealand Office
    • Dates I need it (optional):
      • From/To dates: leave blank if you want the hold to activate immediately and/or not expire
      • If a From date is entered, then the hold will not activate until that date [and be ignored by the system]*. Once active, it will then pick up the next available item after the From date [assuming you are now first in the hold queue].
      • I cannot pick up date... : Enter From/To dates you do not want the item (for example: if you will be away) - this will "suspend" the hold for that period but maintain your position in the hold queue*. Once the hold reactivates, it will then pick up the next available item after the From date [assuming you are now first in the hold queue].
        *Titles with holds will continue to be lent/renewed as normal until the From date is active [ie: the "inactive" From date will not impact the due date of item lent/renewed prior to that date]
    • Enter any Item Description/Notes which may be of assistance (optional):
      • For example: a specific volume number or a change of preferred email address
        Note: Please do not enter your delivery address details - these will be requested once the item is ready to be sent
  2. Click the [ Submit ] button when complete
  3. The Place Hold Submitted screen will display
    Note: Users who selected a particular I want it from location, will also see a delivery message

InformationOnce your requested item is ready to be sent, you will receive an email notification requesting your DELIVERY ADDRESS

Courier delivery

InformationItems borrowed from the ANZCA Library are delivered to the requestor via Express Post courier delivery.

  1. Once your requested item is ready to be sent, you will receive an email notification requesting your DELIVERY ADDRESS:
    • Subject = ANZCA Library Book Request (Delivery Address Required/Ready to Collect)
    • Sender =

  1. For users who selected COURIER DELIVERY:
    • Please *FORWARD* this email to and supply the following information:
      • For delivery by Express Post
  2. Once the item has been despatched, you will receive a second email notification that includes the due date of the item:
    • Subject = ANZCA Library Book Request (DUE DATES/DELIVERY)
    • Sender =

  1. DELIVERY TIMES: Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery. If the parcel fails to arrive within 4 working days, then please notify the ANZCA Library so that we can follow up with the courier.
  2. RETURNS: An addressed Express Post bag will be enclosed to allow you return these item/s when finished.
  3. For users who selected MAIN LIBRARY (MELBOURNE) or NEW ZEALAND OFFICE:
    • Please collect your item within the next 7 DAYS (or the item will be sent to the next requestor in the queue/returned to the collection)
    • Pick-up Location details:

View/renew items on loan

InformationIt is possible to log into your personalised library account, view your items on loan (and on hold) and renew any item that has not been requested by another patron:

  1. Open the ANZCA Library discovery service
  2. Click on the [ Sign in ] button in the top-right of the screen:

  1. ​The login screen for your personalised library account will display:

  1. Enter your College ID (or staff username) and Library Password
    Note: If you cannot remember your library password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link
  2. Once signed in, click on the [ <Your Name> ] button and select My Account

  1. Your My Library Account page will display:

  1. Click on the [ Renew ] button to renew your items on loan
  2. If your item is not on hold for another patron, your item will be renewed and the new due date displayed.

  1. If the item has been requested by another patron, the renewal will be refused:

  1. If the renewal is refused, please ensure that you return the item using the addressed Express Post bag supplied.

Setting/resetting your personalised library account password

First time users of the discovery service who would like to request items, view/renew items on loan, save searches or create lists will need to create a password for their personalised library account.

NOTE: This is not the same as your Networks password used to access to e-resources. Setting/resetting your library account password will not affect your Networks password.

  1. Open the ANZCA Library discovery service
  2. Click on the [ Sign in ] button in the top-right of the screen:

  1. ​The login screen for your personalised library account will display:

  1. Click the FORGOT PASSWORD link 

  1. Enter your College ID (or staff username) and click the REQUEST NEW PASSWORD button

Note: If you do not receive an email or no longer have access to your preferred email account, contact the library and a library staff member will update your contact details

  1. An email will be generated and sent to your preferred email address
    • Subject = Request to manage library password
    • Sender = Library Password Management <>

  1. Click on the link in the email - this will open the Change Password screen:

  1. Enter the following:
    • Your College ID (or staff username)
    • Your New Password
    • Confirm New Password
  2. Click the CHANGE PASSWORD button when complete
  3. The following message should display:

InformationCouldn't reset your password? Contact the library and a library staff member will check/update your contact details. Note: Library staff cannot view/set your library account password details.

Print books by location

Search the discovery service for print books at a particular location:

Simply enter your search and use the Library filter at the top-left of screen to limit your results to a particular branch.

Shelf browse print items

The Browse the Shelf feature allows Discovery users to see which items owned by the library are next to a selected item in the library's collection, based on the item call numbers.

  1. Navigate to the library discovery service
  2. Search and locate a print book – for example: Essentials of anaesthetic equipment
  3. Select the book title to view the detailed record
  4. Toggle the Browse the Shelf heading to populate the list

Conditions for borrowing

  • Items available for loan include textbooks, CD-ROMs and DVDs
  • Requested items are delivered via courier FREE-OF-CHARGE
  • Items on loan can be returned using the addressed Express Post bag enclosed with your item
  • Print journals are not available for loan, however online journals/articles can be accessed via the discovery service and articles from journals available only in print can be requested via our article request service
  • Loans are available to ANZCA/FPM Fellows, trainees, CPD participants and IMGS (learn more about eligibility criteria here).
  • Loans limited to five (5) items per borrower at any one time
  • Loan duration is three (3) weeks, and items can be renewed via the discovery service (see separate box)

When will the print migration be complete?

InformationIt is envisaged that the migration of all remaining print and journal titles will be completed prior to the end of 2018.

Some titles previously available for loan have moved to the Geoffrey Kaye Museum, and access is now restricted as a result

[26/10/2018] Update: The migration of print titles for the main library and departmental titles is now completed.

[14/11/2018] Update: NZ print titles have now been added to the new system and are now searchable/requestable via the discovery service. Access to the legacy catalogue has been switched off.