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Trials: Current trials

The latest trials being undertaken by ANZCA library.


Covidence is a web-based tool that improves healthcare evidence synthesis by improving the efficiency and experience of creating and maintaining Systematic Reviews.

                            This extended trial ends 30 June 2022.

Informit Databases

ANZCA Library has commenced a trial of Informit, a leading digital destination for enriching knowledge and insight, with a strong focus on providing relevant and specialist Australian content.

The trial includes access to the following collections:

                            Health Collection - with an emphasis on a social model of health, Informit’s Health Collection brings the most up-to-date and trustworthy content to advance your knowledge across nursing and allied health.

                            Indigenous Collection - Informit’s Indigenous Collection brings together ground-breaking and emerging research with topical and historical issues paramount to Indigenous studies across the world.

                            Families and Society Collection - Informit’s Families and Society Collection provides up-to-date and comprehensive research on family wellbeing and the place of Australian families in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

                            This trial ends 14 November 2021.

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