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Covidence: Home

Covidence is a web-based tool that improves healthcare evidence synthesis by improving the efficiency and experience of creating and maintaining Systematic Reviews.

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On this page

  • Overview
  • Create a linked author profile
  • Instructions for adding a review
  • Instructions for adding authors
  • Introduction to Covidence Extraction 2.0
  • Screening Titles and Abstracts
  • Screening Features
  • Support

Create a linked author profile

In order to take advantage of the ANZCA Covidence subscription, it is necessary for us to send you an invite so that we can link your author profile to the ANZCA account.

  1. Complete the ANZCA profile invite form.
  2. A "You've been invited to Covidence" email will be sent to your nominated email address with 2-3 working days.
  3. Click on the Accept invitation link and link an existing Covidence author profile or create a new author profile which is linked to the account.


Covidence is an online tool that is easy-to-use and assists in streamlining the production of systematic reviews. It is designed to easily import citations ready for screening by multiple reviewers.

This tool provides keyword highlighting and records the voting of screeners. Uploading full copy PDFs is quick and easy and exclusion notes can be captured to resolve disagreements.

Covidence includes customisable data extraction forms and automatically populates the Risk of Bias tables and Prisma Flow Chart. Covidence can be used from the beginning of your Systematic Review - title/abstract screening right through to the beginning of your meta-analysis

InfoThis resource is available to all ANZCA Fellows and Trainees.

HelpIf you would like Librarian assistance with your Systematic Review/Using Covidence please tick YES in this section within the ANZCA Author Profile Invite Form. Our Research Librarian can assist with searching across databases, advice on conducting and reporting systematic reviews.

Introduction to Covidence (3 mins 24 secs)

Instructions on creating a review

Creating a new review in Covidence (1 min 52 secs)

To begin a new review:

  1. Sign into Covidence
  2. Select the [ Start a new review ] button

  1. The Start a new review pane will appear:

  1. Input the details of your new review:
    • Enter a name in the Name your review field
    • Which account to use? = make sure to select the ANZCA - unlimited reviews left radio button
  2. Click the [ Create Review ] button when complete

Instructions on adding authors

You can add authors/reviewers when you first create your review, or you can add them later by going to the Settings > Reviewers menu.

To add to a reviewer directly after creating a review:

  1. Select the Reviewers tab
  2. Select the [ Invite another reviewer ] button
  3. Enter their First name and Email address and click the [ Invite ] button

To add to a pre-existing review:

  1. Sign into Covidence
  2. Click on the review name
  3. From the menu, select Settings
  4. Select the Reviewers tab
  5. Select the [ Invite another reviewer ] button
  6. Enter their First name and Email address and click the [ Invite ] button

Other help videos

Introduction to Covidence Extraction 2.0 (3 mins 15 secs0

Screening Titles and Abstracts (2 mins 55 secs)

Screening Features (6 mins 42 secs)

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