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Coronavirus/COVID-19 resources: Leadership/Ethics

How we manage the clinical challenges presented by the COVID 19 pandemic is heavily determined by our values, reasoning and behaviours and how these play out in our roles as leaders, advisors, team-members and clinicians. This section draws together a selection of resources on leadership, ethics and human factors. .

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1: Leadership

FANZCA’s as leaders

In this article published in the Australian Financial Review (April 2, 2020), Dr Michelle Mulligan, FANZCA reflects on her leadership role in pandemic planning at a major Sydney hospital in the lead up to the anticipated surge in affected patients and staff.

Lessons from leadership in other industries

The Harvard Business Review has released an open-access series of articles to support leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic:

International public health leadership

2: Ethics

Most if not all decisions in health care are influenced by, and impact upon, ethical values. Basing decisions on clearly defined and well-established values helps with difficult choices in a crisis.

Additional resources

3: Human Factors

The Clinical Human Factors Group (CHFC) is a UK-based charity that partners with experts in human factors to improve health care.