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Critical incident debriefing toolkit: 3: Supporting a trainee/colleague in distress

Understanding and acknowledging the importance of preparing for and delivering critical incident debriefing (CID), the college together with the Trainee Wellbeing Project Group (TWPG) has undertaken to develop a suite of informed, accessible and diverse training resources for fellows and trainees during and following critical incidents.

ANZCA debrief podcasts


Presenter: Dr Liz Crowe
Dr Liz Crowe explains the importance of debriefing after a critical incident and helps explain how to use this toolkit that has been developed for ANZCA. (Duration: 1:06:55 hrs)

Additional resources


Simple strategies to promote a culture of generosity and keep self-serving employees from taking more than their share. (Duration: 13:19 mins)

In our increasingly team-oriented world, the key to success is being humble, ambitious and smart. (Duration: 14:20 mins)

Psychological Safety

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We rely on your feedback to further develop and support user access to the Critical incident debrief (CID) toolkit. Use the link below to provide content suggestions, as well as to make recommendations, report issues, and to give general feedback.

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