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Research support essentials: Workshops, events & webinars

This page contains information on events, presentations and workshops related to research support.

ANZTADC Webinar: ANZCA Library Research Resources

Title:  ANZCA Library Research Resources

Online webinar for the ANZTADC (Australian and New Zealand Tripartite Anaesthetic Data Committee) Members and Analysers covering and discussing the research based resources and services available from the ANZCA Library.

  • Presented by: Kathryn Rough
  • Presented: 3 June 2024
  • Duration: 33 mins

FPM Research Network Webinar: "How do I do a quick literature review to answer clinical questions"

Title: "How do I do a quick literature review to answer clinical questions"

This webinar provides information on how to provide supporting literature to answer your clinical question whether it be for clinical practice, quality improvement or research question. An overview of the different types of literature reviews will be covered and what resources are available from the ANZCA library. You will hear from the experts in the field who will discuss practical tips and tools to give you confidence to undertake your literature review.

  • Presented by: Nikki Frescos, Kathryn Rough, Assoc. Professor Marc Russo
  • Presented: 18 April 2024
  • Duration: 64 mins

CTN Educational Sessions: Unlocking Success - Case Studies from ANZCA CTN Sites

Title: Unlocking Success - Case Studies from ANZCA CTN Sites

Explore the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework in Australia and learn the current status of Clinical Trial Credentialing in New Zealand. This discussion includes case studies from two sites actively involved in facilitating ANZCA CTN Trials within Australia. Content includes:

  • Preparation before the visit
  • What happened during the visit?
  • What’s next?

  • Presented by: Khushboo Khatri, Louise de Prinse, Sophie Wallace, Jonathan Termaat. Moderated by Gillian Ormond.
  • Presented: 7 March 2024
  • Duration: 55 mins 44 secs.

FPM Research Network: Where, how and what to search

Title: "Where, how and what to search": refining the research question and searching the literature

This webinar focuses on the different types of research questions, how to form a research question and characteristics to consider in developing the question that will help to set your research up for success.

  • Presented by: Prof Emily Haesler, Adjunct Professor at Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI); Kathryn Rough, ANZCA Research Library
  • Presented: 29 February 2024
  • Duration: 53 mins

ANZCA CTN Educational Session: Showcasing your research

Title: ANZCA CTN Educational Session: Showcasing your research

A research profile is a critical tool for doctors involved in research. This educational session covered: Increasing your visibility, credibility and recognition; Research profiles; ORCID ID Networking and creating an online presence; Social media networks for researchers; Creating your own website; CTN networking opportunities; Repositories and databases to create a meaningful online profile of your work and its impact; Research databases; Read by QxMD; University repositories; ANZCA Institutional Research Repository (AIRR)

  • Presented by: Kathryn Rough, ANZCA Research Library and John Prentice, ANZCA Library Manager
  • Moderator: Paige Druce, ANZCA Senior Clinical Trials Network Coordinator
  • Presented: Tuesday 20 February 2024
  • Duration: 55 mins

FPM Research Network: Get your abstract noticed

Title: Get your abstract noticed!… the formula for good abstract writing

This webinar covers how to write an inspiring and compelling abstract for a poster, free paper presentation or journal article. Experts in the field discuss practical tips and tools to give you the confidence to submit your own abstract.

  • Presented by: Debra Kiegaldie, Assoc. Prof. Marc Russo, Kathryn Rough
  • Presented: 11 December 2023
  • Duration: 59 mins

PPRN: Leadership and High-Performance Teams

Title: Leadership and High-Performance Teams

  • Presented by: Professor Kirsty Forrest
  • Presented: 29 September 2023
  • Duration: 54 mins

CTN Educational Sessions: ANZCA library support for researchers

Title: ANZCA library support for researchers

Learn about the tools and services you can use to enhance your research skills, expand your research profile and promote your research outcomes. John and Kathryn guide you through the resources and expert knowledge available through the ANZCA Library. Highlights will include an overview of Research Support Toolkit, literature searching, Research Consultation Service, the ANZCA Institutional Research Repository (AIRR), and the new Professional Practice Research guide.

  • Presented by: John Prentice (ANZCA Library Manager) and Kathryn Rough (ANZCA Research Librarian)
  • Presented: Tuesday, 28 June 2022
  • Duration: 54 mins approx.

ANZCA Foundation Webinar: University Pathways for ANZCA Emerging Researchers

Title: University Pathways for ANZCA Emerging Researchers

Professor Dave Story and Professor Kirsty Forrest discuss the importance of formal research qualifications, and the growth of anaesthetist and pain medicine physician-led university-affiliated research. The event also features reflections by Associate Professor Jai Darvall, touching on the important role being played by ANZCA research grants and scholarships in supporting the development of researchers in anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine.

  • Presented by: Professor Dave Story (University of Melbourne), Professor Kirsty Forrest (Bond University, Brisbane) and Assoc. Prof. Jai Darvall
  • Presented: Thursday, 14 April 2022
  • Duration: 72 mins approx.

CTN Educational Sessions: ANZCA Research Grant Program


Title:  Overview of the ANZCA Research Grant program

  • Presented by Professor David A. Scott
  • Presented: Tuesday 15 February
  • Duration: 62 mins approx.

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