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Research support essentials: Multimedia

This page contains multimedia sources related to research support.

What is research?

What comes to mind when you think about research? Probably a laboratory with test tubes, microscopes, and scientists wearing white lab coats. This setup is ideal for researchers in some disciplines, such as virologists studying viral infections, physicists developing new electronic devices, or chemists creating new materials. Other possibilities, like searching through historical archives or distributing surveys about consumer preferences, may also come to mind. That’s research too!

Duration: 4 mins approx.

Choosing a Manageable Research Topic

Tips and strategies to narrow your topic for a more effective paper.

Duration: 4 mins approx.

Evidence-Based Practice

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The Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics

Diana Hicks outlines 10 principles to guide research evaluation.

Duration: 4 mins, 30 secs.