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Airway management: OVERVIEW

This guide has been designed for anaesthetists interested in Airway Management to locate relevant resources on this topic, including those available through the ANZCA library.


Articles of interest

Journals and articlesDeng Q-W, Tan W-C, Zhao B-C, Wen S-H, Shen J-T, Xu M. Intraoperative ventilation strategies to prevent postoperative pulmonary complications: a network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. British Journal of Anaesthesia. 2020;124(3):324-335.

Journals and articlesBessmann EL, Rasmussen LS, Konge L, Kristensen MS, Rewers M, Østergaard D. Maintaining competence in airway management. Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica. 2020;(20200208).

Journals and articles​Grassi L, Kacmarek R, Berra L. Ventilatory mechanics in the patient with obesity. Anesthesiology. 2020;1:1-1.

Special Collection: Awake Tracheal Guidelines

The UK based Association of Anaesthetists' official journal is Anaethesia, and a special collection of articles on the topic of Awake Tracheal Guidelines has been curated and is available open access. New (UK) guidelines were recently published, and you can read more about them below:

ArticlesAhmad I, El-Boghdadly K, Bhagrath R, et al. Difficult airway society guidelines for awake tracheal intubation (ATI) in adults. Anaesthesia. 2019;(20191114).

WebsiteView the Special Collection on Airway Management here.

WebsiteView other Special Collections here.

Airway Management SIG

For more information about this Special Interest Group (SIG), including events, activities and membership, please visit the Airway Management page on the ANZCA website.

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