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This guide provides updates about Library services and resources, and promotes selected resources.

Improved library and study space (UPD)

Building works in the Library have now been completed and the main library space has now reopened.

Library users will also be able to more easily locate and browse materials with a realignment of the library collection into a more linear configuration with improved signage. Library catalogue holdings for all print journal materials held have also been updated.

Need a quiet study space? Fellows and trainees are encouraged to use the Library (which has a study/discussion space for up to 5 people) and the Fellows Room (which has a discussion space for up to 7 people) whenever visiting the College in Melbourne.

Access to the College Wi-Fi service is also available.

New Cancer Pain Guide

Pain Medicine[3 Oct 2019] The library has created a new Cancer Pain library guide.

This guide has been designed for pain specialists interested in the area of pain management in people with cancer, and provides a compilation of resources relevant to this topic, including those available through the ANZCA library.

Did we miss anything? Use the link below to provide content suggestions, as well as make to recommendations, report issues, and to give general feedback:

New Drugs Information Guide

Library Resources[1 July 2019] The library has created a new Drug Information library guide.

The guide has been designed for anaesthetists, pain specialists and medical professionals interested in obtaining drug information about medications, anaesthetics and analgesics, and brings together a wide variety of resources including AusDI, the new Ovid Drug Search Builder, the Australian Medicines Handbook, state-by-state legislation, websites, journals (like Journal of Opioid Management and WHO Drug Information), books, e-books (like Katzung's Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Goodman & Gilman's the Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics) and much much more. And all are available via the ANZCA Library.

Did we miss anything? Use the link below to provide content suggestions, as well as make to recommendations, report issues, and to give general feedback:

Spotlight: National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management

June 17, 2019: Australia's peak pain organisations for health professionals welcome national pain management plan

ANZCA Library now available via Google Scholar

Google Scholar[12 Feb 2019] It is now possible to access full-text ANZCA Library resources via Google Scholar.

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

And now Google Scholar can be easily configured to show you which of the search results are available from ANZCA Library. Once configured, just look for the Full text @ ANZCA link when using Google Scholar.

InformationSee our dedicated Google Scholar guide for further information including full configuration details.

Anaesthesia Research Review

[13 May 2019] The latest review is now up and focuses on the 2019 ANZCA ASM:
- Anaesthetic-analgesic technique and cancer outcomes 
- Safe endoscopy 
- Anaesthetists’ attitudes to random drug testing 
- Methadone as a preventive analgesic effect 
- Total intravenous vs volatile anaesthesia and cancer outcomes 
- Optimal cefazolin dosing in bariatric surgery 
- Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment 
- Diabetes perioperative management 
- Chewing gum in preoperative fasting 
- An audit of preoperative fasting

New Library Guide: Pain Medicine Training

Pain Medicine[22 March 2019] The library in collaboration with FPM has created a new Pain Medicine Training Guide.

This guide has been designed for medical personnel undertaking pain medicine related training, including the Basic Clinical Skills course, to assist in locating relevant resources on pain medicine, including those available through the ANZCA library. The new guide also includes an FPM Essentials section focusing on the recommended readings for the Essential Topic Areas (ETAs).

Did we miss anything? Use the link below to provide content suggestions, as well as make to recommendations, report issues, and to give general feedback:

New Library Guide: Gender Equity

Information[8 March 2019] The library has created a new Gender Equity library guide.

This guide has been designed for anaesthetists and pain medicine specialists interested in Gender Equity o locate relevant resources on this topic, including those available through the ANZCA library.

Did we miss anything? Use the link below to provide content suggestions, as well as make to recommendations, report issues, and to give general feedback:

Opioids and Pain collection (Oxford Medicine Online)

Since the opioid crisis was announced in the USA, Oxford Medicine has been creating a series of content pieces to inform the public about the medicinal impact of opioids. Now, with the crisis as widespread as ever and sparking debate internationally, they have collated resources in order to provide detailed, authoritative, and varied information about opioid use from a medical perspective.

WebsiteExplore this content collection here.

New Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Guide

Information[7 Feb 2019] The library has created a new Ophthalmic Anaesthesia library guide.

This guide has been designed for anaesthetists interested in Ophthalmic Anaesthesia to locate relevant resources on this topic, including those available through the ANZCA library.

Did we miss anything? Use the link below to provide content suggestions, as well as make to recommendations, report issues, and to give general feedback:

Discover the world with your new library system!




[1 October 2018] Library users can now access the entire ANZCA Library collection through a new discovery service.

SEARCH the WebsiteDiscovery service

The new system includes the following features:

  • Fully-optimised for mobile and hand-held devices
  • The ability to search all of ANZCA Library’s journals, books and e-books through a single “Google-like” search interface
  • The ability to search and access at the article-level for all ANZCA Library-subscribed journals
  • The ability to create lists, send links and export citations for all library content
  • The ability to save searches and lists*
  • The ability to create online reservations and to self-renew for print books*
  • Māori language interface
  • Revamped e-book, e-journal and databases access pages
  • Complete A-Z lists for journals, e-books and collections/databases
  • Library orientation and help pages
  • And much, much more!

* requires the creation of a personalised library account



Some important information for borrowers:

  • First time users of the new discovery layer who would like to borrow items will need to create a password for their personalised library account
  • Once enabled, the account can be used to view items on reserve, view items on loan and renew items
  • Borrowers will no longer be asked for a courier address when they reserve an item - once the item is ready to be sent, you will receive an email requesting their delivery address
  • Please contact the library ( if you unable to locate an item

​Please Note: Access/authentication for ALL e-resources remains your College ID and Networks password.



  • Print items located in the main library are expected to be transitioned by the end of October [now completed]
  • Print items located in New Zealand will be transitioned in early November [now completed]
  • Print serials located in archives to be transitioned by December 2018 [now completed]
  • Print serials located in the main library to be transitioned by April 2019

Calling all ANZCA & FPM researchers - promote your research and publications!

"Giving AIRR to ANZCA and FPM research"

[27 April 2018] The ANZCA Library – in association with the ANZCA Research Foundation – are excited to announce the launch of the ANZCA Institutional Research Repository (AIRR).

AIRR is an institutional repository that identifies, captures, stores and facilitates retrieval of the research and publication output of ANZCA and FPM fellows, trainees and staff for the collaborative benefit of local and global clinicians, researchers and health educators.

Do you publish or present papers?

EducationWe are seeking researchers and authors who would like to register and start contributing their publications via self-submission; set-up an author profile; or provide comment/feedback.

Content you can contribute:

  • ANZCA and FPM fellow research grants (publications and outcomes)
  • ANZCA and FPM fellow publications (not related to research grants, for example: journal articles, theses, book chapters)
  • ANZCA and FPM trainee research (published and unpublished)
  • ASM abstracts and presentations
  • ANZCA policy and background papers

Key points:

  • NOW LIVE (beta-testing):
  • All ANZCA and FPM-related research and publication output is being brought together in the one spot
  • Content will be discoverable via Google [NOW DISCOVERABLE] and Trove [IN PROGRESS] thereby increasing visibility of ANZCA and FPM-related research and publications
  • Researchers can register to self-submit content, as well as create an author profile
  • Launched at the May 2018 ANZCA ASM!

The creation/implementation of an institutional research repository was first recommended as part of the 2015 ANZCA Library Review, and supports key strategies within the ANZCA Strategic Plan 2018-2022 for the goal of DRIVING research and quality improvement.

See our dedicated AIRR guide for further information including full access details.

NEJM now online

[13 March 2018] The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research and review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.


The ANZCA Library now provides audio resources so you can keep up-to-date on the latest anaesthesia and pain medicine research and practice, in your car, office, home, gym or while travelling.

Audio-Digest provides instant online and mobile access to 371 accredited audio lectures and board reviews presented by experts from leading institutions, bringing clinicians a convenient continuing medical education (CME/CE) experience.
The LDI Clinical Compendia is comprised of an extensive collection of hand-selected lectures in the field of anaesthesia and pain management:
  • Each lecture includes a written summary
  • Automatically synchronizes your progress across your computer and your smartphone
  • A mobile app is available for Apple iOS and Android

See our dedicated Audio-Digest guide for further information including full access details.

Australasian Anaesthesia (Blue Book) now searchable

Ever tried looking for that key article from a copy of the ‘Blue Book’?  You can now search each edition of Australasian Anaesthesia from 2003 through the Informit Health Collection, which can be accessed through the Library Databases page.

Each article has been indexed to include author details, abstracts, and even subject/keywords.  PDF and flip-book versions of the ‘Blue Book’ can be viewed from the College Publications webpage.

Audio-Digest Registration Issues (RESOLVED)

[10 July 2019] Some users attempting to register for Audio-Digest are currently getting an error message when submitting their form or when attempting to access content.

Any users experiencing issues, should contact the Library and provide details of the error message, including a screenshot.

We will then contact the vendor to have your registration issue corrected.

Journal Access Issues

Safety & Quality[2 October 2018] Journal of Opioid Management and Minerva Anestesiologica

We are currently experiencing access issues with the above titles.

We are working with our vendors to resolve this, and hope to have a resolution soon.

InformationPlease Note: It is now possible to provide articles for both journals via the library's Request an article service.

McGraw-Hill e-books access issues

Safety & Quality[27 August 2018] AccessMedicine and AccessAnestheseiology

Some users are experiencing access issues with titles from the above e-book collections. The issue is preventing users from successfully authenticating as ANZCA members when they are within the IP range of an institution that also has a subscription to any McGraw Hill e-book collection. This results in the user only ever being authenticated as a user of that institution - and not ANZCA. We are continuing to work with the vendor to resolve this issue and will keep you updated on any progress.

Workarounds: Access to the above collections should be unaffected when accessed outside the IP range of the affected institutions. This includes access from home and access from a mobile device using 4G (and not the institutions' Wi-Fi). Users with a pre-existing MyAccess login, can sign out of the affected collections, and sign in using their MyAccess credentials.

InformationUsers requiring urgent access can submit a chapter request/s via Request an article service.

Talk to us

Talk to usWe rely on your feedback to further develop and support these library guides. Use the link below to provide content suggestions, as well as to make recommendations, report issues, and to give general feedback.