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Primary exams: OVERVIEW

This guide contains resources, including those available through the Library, to support recommended reading for the Primary exams. These resources are displayed in the Reading list tab above.

Reading list: Primary exams


Access the current reading list for the primary exams.



ANZCA Library is currently offering a limited trial of an@tomedia™, a unique way to study and learn about the anatomy of the human body.

an@tomedia™ online is a comprehensive, self-paced learning program that explores anatomy from four different perspectives. These perspectives teach you how the body is constructed (from regions and systems) and how you can deconstruct the body (with dissection and imaging techniques).

an@tomedia™ provides an interactive photographic and illustrated atlas with detailed, serial dissections of real human bodies and coloured overlays that offers more learning possibilities to the learner. an@tomedia™ is categorised to help understand both the theoretical & practical aspects of anatomy:

  • Regions: includes surface and functional anatomy
  • Systems: includes conceptual and clinical anatomy (Somatic & Visceral Systems, Nervous Systems, Arterial Systems)
  • Dissection: includes practical procedures and post-mortem
  • Imaging: includes sectional and endoscopic anatomy

NEW! Head (with brain) and Neck with 300 screens on specific topics!

InformationAccess an@tomedia
(users will be required to authenticate using their ANZCA ID and password)

FeedbackWe need your feedback to help evaluate this product
This trial concludes: 30 June 2018

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For more information about the Primary Exam, please visit the ANZCA Primary Exam webpage.

Beyond recommended reading

Candidates are advised that all examination questions are based on Learning Outcomes and that the great majority of information required is contained in the recommended texts. The most recent version of each of the following texts is the recommended text. However, some topics are only superficially covered in the textbooks and candidates are advised to draw on many resources as they study, in order to gain a deeper understanding of those areas that relate to everyday anaesthetic practice.

For a more comprehensive list of ALL Online Textbooks available through the Library (not just the recommended texts), click here.

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