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Cancer Pain: OVERVIEW

This guide has been designed for pain specialists interested in the area of pain management in people with cancer, and provides a compilation of resources relevant to this topic, including those available through the ANZCA library.


Calls for exercise to be embedded in cancer treatment regimes

PodcastsSteven Faux’s presentation on exercise and cancer pain “Call for exercise to be embedded into Australian cancer rehabilitation programs” was also followed up by ABC Radio news outlets across Australia and on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program on October 16. 

Articles​Bennett MI, Eisenberg E, Ahmedzai SH, et al. Standards for the management of cancer-related pain across Europe-a position paper from the EFIC task force on cancer pain. European Journal of Pain (London, England). 2019;23(4):660-668.

ArticlesGulati A, Shah R, Puttanniah V, Hung JC, Malhotra V. A retrospective review and treatment paradigm of interventional therapies for patients suffering from intractable thoracic chest wall pain in the oncologic population. Pain Medicine. 2015;16(4):802-810.

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