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Keeping current: OVERVIEW

This guide promotes resources that medical professionals can use to engage with and keep up-to-date with current trends and research in the area of anaesthesia and pain medicine, and explore networking opportunities.


Recent articles of interest​

Goobie SM, Frank SM. Tranexamic Acid: What Is Known and Unknown, and Where Do We Go From Here? Anesthesiology. 2017; Jul 11 [Epub ahead of print].

Brazil V, Parker, C. A day in the life: social media for clinical practice and medical education. Med J Aust. 2017;206(11):478-480. 

Mitchell JD, Ku C, Diachun CAB, DiLorenzo A, et al. Enhancing Feedback on Professionalism and Communication Skills in Anesthesia Residency Programs. 2017: Jun 7 [Epub ahead of print].


Pain PLUS (Premium LiteratUre Service) is a resource that provides access to current, high-quality evidence from health care research, to support evidence-based clinical decisions. 

PAIN+ is continuously updated, unique resource which allows you to see what other clinicians are reading, and search citations (from over 120 premier clinical journals) that are pre-rated for evidence quality by research staff. 

How you can use it:

  • Register to create a free account where you can set up alert preferences for email alerts
  • Receive e-mail alerts about new evidence, each alert includes clinical ratings and comments, and electronic links to the article's abstract via PubMed (if available) and fulltext article via PubMed or the publisher's site (if available for free)
  • Search the ANZCA journal list and find the articles you want from our subscriptions, or if you need assistance locating an article - request the article from the Library by email:

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