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SIMG resources: Overview

This guide has been designed to support SIMGs participating in the ANZCA SIMG program, and contains resources intended to help support the overall experience.

What to expect from the guide

The guide has been structured into three sections.

The first section is composed of two categories (or tabs) and contains some useful information for those just starting the SIMG process:

  • Starting out - pathways to accreditation/registration, program details, training sites, guidelines and professional codes of practice
  • Communication & support - ANZCA acronyms, communication skills, general information and wellbeing resources for SIMGs

The second section is comprised of assessment-related resources:

  • Assessment - examination and performance resources split into three areas (pages): Clinical practice assessment (CPA), SIMG performance assessment (PA) and SIMG examination

The third section is composed of two main categories (or tabs) covering the SIMG program requirements:

  • Courses - recommended online and in-person support courses
  • CPD resources - recommended professional development resources

Within each category you will find links to resources and guides containing e-books, journals, articles, podcasts and videos, websites.

The fourth section is comprised of five additional categories (or tabs):

  • Podcasts & online lectures - teaching podcasts & videos
  • Books & journals - highlighted texts with a particular focus on training and/or exams
  • Apps - useful apps
  • Social networking - highlighted trainee social media groups
  • Post-assessment resources - information on completing your course, CPD resources, registration and medical indemnity insurance
  • Other resources - websites, databases, cultural safety and other resources

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