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Gender equity: Overview

This guide has been designed for anaesthetists and specialist pain medicine physicians interested in the locating resources relevant to gender equity, including those resources available through the ANZCA library.


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The future of the medical workforce - 2019 Report

ArticlesAccess/Download the PDF version of the report here.

ArticlesRead further about the context of the report in an online article by Professor Anthony Scott (report author).


Scott, A. ANZ - Melbourne Institute - Health Sector Report: the future of the medical workforce. Melbourne: Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, The University of Melbourne, 2019. Accessed 11 July 2019.

WebsiteHear the latest in the conversation about Gender Equity, at:


Women in STEMM Australia advises and collaborates with many of the organisations and groups listed below to strengthen Australian science by increasing the role women in STEMM have in thought leadership, decision-making and senior positions. There are also some excellent websites with useful STEM-related resources to explore.

Inclusion & diversity at ANZCA

For more information about gender equity, including links to information about the Gender Equity Sub-committee, please visit the Inclusion and diversity page on the ANZCA website.

You can read/download the Gender Equity Position Statement, resource toolkit and take self-assessment quiz on the Inclusion and diversity webpage.


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