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Medical education: OVERVIEW

This guide has been designed for medical personnel and educators interested in Medical Education to locate relevant resources on this topic, including those available through the ANZCA library.


ArticlesHodges B, Paul R, Ginsburg S. The Ottawa Consensus Group Members. Assessment of professionalism: from where have we come - to where are we going? An update from the Ottawa consensus group on the assessment of professionalism. Medical Teacher. 2019;41(3):249-255.

ArticlesArkin N, Lai C, Kiwakyou LM, et al. What's in a word? Qualitative and quantitative analysis of leadership language in anesthesiology resident feedback. Journal of Graduate Medical Education. 2019;11(1):44-52. 

ArticlesAnkam NS, Bosques G, Sauter C, et al. Competency-based curriculum development to meet the needs of people with disabilities: a call to action. Academic Medicine : Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges. 2019;94(6):781-788.

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ArticlesPalermo C, King O, Brock T, et al. Setting priorities for health education research: a mixed methods study. Medical Teacher. 2019;1-10:1-10.

ArticlesRoberts C, Wilkinson TJ, Norcini J, Patterson F, Hodges BD. The intersection of assessment, selection and professionalism in the service of patient care. Medical Teacher. 2019;41(3):243-248.

ArticlesSmith A, Carey C, Sadler J, Smith H, Stephens R, Frith C. Undergraduate education in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain, and perioperative medicine: the development of a National Curriculum Framework. Medical Teacher. 2019;41(3):340-346.

ArticlesVarshney V. The need for practice management training in Canadian anesthesiology residency training programs. Canadian Journal of Anesthesia. 2019;(2019). 

ArticlesPiza F, Piza P, Schwartzstein RM. The power of nonverbal communication in medical education. Medical Teacher. 2019;41(4):476-477. 

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