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Training & examinations hub: OVERVIEW

This hub has been designed for trainees and educators participating in the ANZCA and FPM training programs to identify suitable training and education resources, including those resources available through the ANZCA library.

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ANZCA Examinations

Access the complete recommended reading list for the ANZCA Primary exam. Most titles are available as e-books, with all remaining titles being available for loan (via the free courier service).

In addition, a large number of online resources are available to assist with general exam preparation for both primary and final exam trainees.

Self assessment tools

A large number of e-books, databases and collections contain tools which can be used for self-assessment purposes.

Roles in practice

The ANZCA Roles in Practice are taught throughout the ANZCA | FPM training program so that trainees develop medical expertise and gain competency in all the attributes required of a specialist anaesthetist.

Apps & multimedia

Tools that can be used for "on-the-run" learning, presentations and assignments.

Safety, quality & wellbeing

A number of resources exist to support ANZCA trainees:

In addition, the college website has a section devoted to wellbeing:

FPM Training

The Faculty of Pain Medicine offers a training program which comprises a minimum of two years (88 weeks) full-time equivalent of approved clinical experience directly related to pain medicine, distributed over two mandatory stages. Each training stage comprises 44 weeks of clinical activity. The program enables trainees to develop practical clinical skills in a supervised learning environment.

DHM Training

The ANZCA Diploma of Advanced Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (ANZCA Dip Adv DHM) was launched on July 31, 2017, under the governance of the ANZCA DHM Sub-Committee, based on the recommendations of the DHM Project Group.

ANZCA Educators/Supervisors of Training (SOTs)

A number of resources exist to support the ANZCA Educators program:

In addition, the library subscribes to many key medical education journals and e--books: