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This guide has been designed for participants of the ANZCA and FPM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program and any medical professionals interested in resources for keeping up-to-date with current research in the area of anaesthesia, including those resources available through the ANZCA library.

About CPD at ANZCA

The ANZCA & FPM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program operates on a three-year cycle, with triennial and annual minimum requirements. Support resources for CPD activities are divided as follows:

Spotlight: Articles of interest

ArticlesSladek RM, McAllister S, Walsh KM. Translating health professional education research evidence into effective continuous professional development. Med J Aust. 2019;210(3):113-114.

Articles​Jones L, Moss F. What should be in hospital doctors' continuing professional development? Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2019;112(2):72-77.

Spotlight: Blue Book

Australasian Anaesthesia (Blue Book) now searchable

Ever tried looking for that key article from a copy of the ‘Blue Book’?  You can now search each edition of Australasian Anaesthesia from 2003 through the Informit Health Collection, which can be accessed through the Library Databases & Collections page (Research section).

Each article has been indexed to include author details, abstracts, and even subject/keywords.

Note: The above index is citation-access only. Full-text (PDF and flip-book versions) of the ‘Blue Book’ can be viewed from the College Publications webpage.

Australian Medical Association (AMA)

Information regarding the CPD requirements for medical practitioners in Australia: